On March 16th we raised $26,859.50 for cancer research!

Thank you for supporting our 2nd annual

Taco Amigo Cares

Day of Giving


2nd Annual TACO AMIGO CARES Day of Giving

It's a novel idea two years in the running!  On one day in March, our employees & family members donate 100% of their time, Taco Amigo donates 100% of everything else, and every cent our customers spend at our Pleasant Grove store is donated directly to charity.  It's crazy busy and feels awesome!

On March 16, 2019 we were able to donate $20,533.64 to Huntsman Cancer Institute, specifically for cancer research.  We were humbled when we realized that our customers had donated an additional $ 6,325.86 for this cause.


This Year's Charity

Many of you know that we recently lost a family member to cancer.  Von was diagnosed with colon cancer 8 years ago and his life was blessed and extended by the Huntsman Cancer Institute.  Our 2019 donation commemorates what would have been Von's 59th birthday.

Last year, when we presented HCI with our 2018 donation, we discovered their genuine appreciation for every gift—regardless of size.  We also learned that community events like ours, coupled with small individual donations, often provide “seed” money for the most innovative ideas their researchers have.  It provides the funding they need to do the “proof of principle” work required to get additional funding and grants in research areas that might never have been explored.  Most importantly, this research allows heartache to turn into hope. 

Ways You Can Help!

1. Circle March 14, 2020 on Your Calendar


We'd love to see you at our Day of Giving next year!  Every cent you spend with us goes directly to charity and you'll come away with delicious food to boot.  It's a win-win for everyone!  The only sacrifice you'll have to make is waiting in longer lines than normal.

2. Make a Donation Online. It's Never Too Late!


Whether you were able to attend our Day of Giving or not, we invite you to make your own donation.  Using the link below groups your gift with ours and notifies us of your generosity.  It's also the easiest way to get a receipt for your tax deductible contribution.  No donation is too small--please join us!  

Donate Here

3. Encourage Your Friends to Participate


Please share what we're doing with your friends!  Encourage them to come.  Encourage them to donate.  Share with as many people as you can!

Our Inspiration


Von G. Keetch

March 17, 1960 - January 26, 2018


Von Gary Keetch spent his entire life serving others. From the time he was a little boy, to the last years of his life serving as a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy for the LDS church, his focus was on others and how he could make the lives of those around him better. 

Even during his 7 year battle with Colon Cancer, he was constantly looking for ways to make others happy. He showed this selfless attitude in the way he treated his nurses and doctors during his cancer treatments and multiple surgeries. He always put his family first by planning family vacations and events even when he wasn’t feeling his best. And he went out of his way to be a best friend, confidant and advisor to anyone who needed him. 

Losing our beloved son, brother, husband, father, and Papa has left a huge hole in our lives. But Von had a favorite saying, “If you don’t like your lot in life, build a service station on it.”   We know that the greatest thing we can do to honor this man we adore so much is to forget our pain and heartache for a day and turn our hearts outward, towards others.  

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